Executive Team

Mendel Klein / Our Lead Visionary


A man on a mission bests describes Mendel Klein.

Our President and Founder has been leading the vision of Flexocraft ever since he bought his first printing press in early 1968.

You always know when Mendel’s in the room because you hear the sound of a man brewing on a better way to make packaging products.

A leader by leading by example, Mendel has zero tolerance for imperfections.

When Mendel gets an idea in his head, stay out of his way. He’s going to find a way to make it happen. Which usually means buying new equipment. We know this because we handle the finances here. The man doesn’t own the word “can’t”.

Mendel’s vision, obsessive search for perfection and his “can do” attitude are the reasons why we’re able to stay ahead of the curve and offer you the most superior packaging products on the planet.

Dov Klein / Our Caregiver


Have you ever heard the term “herd the cats”?

Dov is our cat herder. He is responsible for putting smiles on faces and teams in their places.

Dov handles our customer service and client care teams. Dov works hand-in-hand with our designers and craftsmen to make sure your final products are perfect.

Working with retailers, distributors and the world’s largest brands takes a special kind of individual. That guy for us at Flexocraft, is Dov Klein.

When your products arrive on time and how you pictured them, somehow, Dov and his “cats” were probably responsible.

Hershel Klein / The Negotiator


It’s hard to imagine a sales leader who doesn’t like the term “salesman” but that’s who our sales leader, Hershal Klein is.

Hershel believes packaging buyers don’t need to be sold. They need to know what’s available to them so that they can make an informed decision.

Hershel’s vast knowledge of factories allows packaging buyers to know what’s available to them without being pressured.

Hershel is the reason we’re able to get you superior products while maintaining or lowing cost.

Hershel works with all of our importers to get you factory direct prices.

The secret is in the relationships Hershel has built with our manufacturers. He knows what factories to use and which ones to stay away from for any given product.

Hershel oversees all quality control at Flexocraft. His attention to detail, and patients, has been a great match for getting you great packaging products at great prices.

At this moment, Hershel is probably out negotiating a better packaging price for you.